Are You Worthy of Wielding a Chainbinder?

15 Legendary champions waiting for their Collector.

The Pulsar that affected Earth did more than just destroy lives and ruin cities. Those who were in direct contact with electromagnetic waves from the blast met a grim fate, their blood acidized and their bodies destined for death.

A rare few - known as Binders - developed a genetic reaction that allowed them to ascend well beyond the limits of human potential. Unlocking their newfound powers enabled them to enact true change - or bring about illimitable destruction.

Unity Laine
Leto Crowley
Beatrice Laurent
Mona Reiss
Azuki Ota
Doki Haruki
Charles W. Lincoln
Edith Lange
Bonnie Baxter
Dorothy Wright
Rachel Porter
Suzie Shi
Caesar Lazarus
Daria Dagger
Yuffie Fischer